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The World is a small place

You’ve obviously heard this phase.

Yet some people complain that flights are long. Bumpy. No leg room. No personal space. Bad food. Crappy movies.


Have you ever sat back and appreciated that? Imagine the world without flying. Hours sitting in a car, boat or train! Now let’s race; plane versus any of the above. I live in Toronto. Last November I went to South Korea and Japan. Driving was not an option.

Forget Captain Obviousness for a moment. I am in a Boeing 747. 250ft long, 224ft wide, at a slim 987,000lb….and I am 30,000ft above the ground. Is this for real? AND, I am getting a buzz, watching movies, and eating food.

“Lift” occurs when moving fluid (i.e. air) is deflected by a solid object (i.e. a plane). A plane wings split the airflow: over the wing + under the wing. Faster air moving over the wing exerts less pressure than the slower air moving under the wing (thanks to wing shape). The result is an upward push of lift. This is known as Bernoulli's principle.

That’s all it took? Thanks Bernoulli. I think I’ll go to Uzbekistan next month. #Unfreakingbelievable.

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