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Gutter Table

The traditional coffee table is one flat surface for not just coffee, but also plates and platters.

Very seldom are drinks served without food, or food served without drinks.

How irritating is your guest reaching for the nachos and knocking over a beer?

Avoid these accidents with the Gutter Table.


height:    24"

width:     36"

depth:    36"

Utilizing the simple marriage of a 4½” wide by 4½” deep cavity around the perimeter of a traditional coffee table, a separate location has been created for drinks.  In actuality, the gutter can be used for anything.... remote controls, magazines, snacks, etc. 

Assembly/disassembly is simply the four legs attaching to the table top.  The four legs are fastened by butterfly bolts, and can be simply twisted off without tools, providing a solution for quick and easy storage.



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